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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Metronomy Beard

Back in October we sent our head of female relations, Abby Tayleure, to the Electric Proms to get the score on Metronomy's facial hair situation. She's finally sobered up enough to file the following report.

‘A beard IS manhood. That and hunting.’

By Abby Tayleure

Beards are the most important thing in modern music right now, fact. There’s no arguing with that statement. So when the Modern Beardsmith got a chance to interview Metronomy’s lead man Joe Mount at the BBC Electric Proms, that’s what we asked him about of course. None of that nonsense talk about new material or future plans, we don’t want to know about that. What we want to hear about is facial hair, right?

“AT: So tell me about the beard you’re currently sporting…

JM: What I have right now is a tour beard, which is not a proper beard. It looks shit and it’s very patchy, I don’t like it. The thing is, if I have a shave, let alone a clean shave, any kind of shave, it leaves me feeling totally naked and suddenly people start saying ‘Oh, you look really young!’ To me a beard makes you look like a man. Even a bad beard does, like the one I have now.

AT: I don’t think it’s a bad beard…

JM: Oh thank you! It’s quite dark, in black and white photographs it comes out pretty well but in colour photographs it’s rubbish! A beard IS manhood. That and hunting.“

So there it is, beards are important, fact. In those few snatched moments with Joe backstage at the BBC Electric Proms I managed to establish that beards equal manhood and get in some rather desperate sounding beard related flirting on my part.

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