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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Welcome back! Here, let me take your coat.

Can you feel a twang...a slight twinkle...almost a glowing feeling in your upper lip? What's that warm sensation running across your face? Well, I could be wrong but I suspect that it may be the fact that the (behind the scenes) cogs of The Modern Beardsmith are beginning to turn.

We have just been confirmed for our second festival of 2013 (!) and are working on a couple more. Details to follow but if you know us, then you can probably guess them. We are again operating on a rather chooser basis, selecting our favorites, as we only get a certain amount of time away from running our secret opium dens and croquet school.  

We'll see you on the sunny side!

The Beardsmiths. x

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Goodbye (again)

Friday, 9 December 2011


(As you may have noticed) The Beardsmiths are taking an indefinite hiatus due to various other projects offering a range of more bright and glistening rewards. This is coupled with the various opiate, gin and hair wax related addictions that our members have accumulated.

We'll hopefully see you soon.


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

It's nearly Movember

Hello all, it's been a while since our last post but with the winter comes a hot wind of beard based activity. The dawn of this is signaled through the very noble quest to remove some of your facial hair and then raise some money for charity. It is, of course, Movember. The Modern Bearsmiths will once again be making their ultimate sacrifice (shaving) to raise funds for The Prostate Cancer charity. If you would like to join us in our quest or simply donate we'd be very happy. Click the Movember link on the right and you'll be taken to our page where you can do either.

On another beard related note, a few of us were invited down to the premier of 'Tashalaska', a film showcasing the journey of some competitors entering the Beard and Moustache Championships. It's a lot of fun and if you do get the chance to see it, we'd recommend doing so.

Trailer Tash from TASHALASKA on Vimeo.

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