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Monday, 14 December 2009

Christmas Beard

It’s Christmas time. A time for giving and receiving; which usually equates to a lot of clutter and a lack of money. Fear not though, as we at the Beardsmith are certainly not scrooges. So in order for you to get as much bang for your buck we have compiled the following bearded Christmas list.

5. Beardaclavas

Adverts for these seem to be all over Facebook at the moment, though I’m unsure whether that is a web 3.0 function tailoring adverts to my tastes. Coming in a range of colours and types they will give you an extra layer of style and warmth.

4. Moustache Wax

Finding you favourite wax is a simple case of trial and error. There is such a range of products out, with such subtle nuances, that the only thing to do is to start the search now. The Handlebar Club's Ted Sedman recommends Brother's Love Bavarian Moustache Styling Pomade, and we are certainly not going to argue!

3. Eurotash

This book, by Conor Creighton and Steve Ryan, is a great read about their journey into the moustache world: They sleep rough, grow facial hair and meet some of he champs from the World Beard and Moustache Championship. Proceeds from the book go to Movember’s prostate charity cause so you’ll get a warm feeling too.

2. Grow T-shirt

The only way to get through to people is with a good T-shirt design. This one is a perfect balance of simplicity and wisdom. Buy it for someone and then buy one yourself.

1. A Bin
Buy this present for any of your friends who have yet to come over to the side of warm faces and warm hearts. Here they can place any shaving utensils inside and prepare themselves, ready for the start of Manuary!

Click any of the images for a link, Merry Christmas!


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