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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Hello 2011

This year has gotten off to a busy start with a festive hangover still clouding our most productive of brain cells leaving the lazy, stupid and sneakiest ones to control our thoughts; luckily that time is over and it's business as usual. We've been arranging the dates for this year's Beard Parlour festivals, which will be tied down in the next few months. These dates will also involve the festival debut of The Modern Beardsmith Soundsystem. A full line up of where this will take place will be up as soon as possible. Even talking about festivals gets me excited, l cannot wait to be carried round on a grown man's shoulders with short shorts on.

The next edition of The Modern Beardsmith periodical will be mapped out soon enough. lf you would like to contribute, or know someone you think should, please so get in touch.

Plus Plus
2011's Stereo:Types are also being drawn up. The line up and date for February will be up this week with the others as they are confirmed down the line.

We hope 2011 is treating you and your beard well.

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