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Friday, 15 October 2010

The Modern Beardsmith Soundsystem.

Boom, it's friday! To celebrate we've got the first (of many!) mini mixes that Modern Beardsmith Soundsystem are making for us. Born of Stereo:Type resident DJs, Paradice Garage and Snuff Films, Modern Beardsmith Sounsystem forms the periodical's official soundtrack. They'll also be hitting the road with the Beard Parlour when festival season 2011 rolls around.

Mixing the hype of grime & garage, bouncy castle house & funky, face melting dubstep, the energy of hardcore punk the sing along fun of 80s and 90s pop, the MBS create sets of an electro/bass/dance fusion that is all about "getting rowdy!" In this first mix Paradice Garage gets us pumped for the weekend, stop working and grow a beard, IT'S FRIDAY!!!!

Beardsmith Sound System - Paradice Grow A Beard Minimix! by TheBeardsmiths

For bookings/press email: Stu /at/ anoraklondon.com or hit 'contact' in the menu above.
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