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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Razor Beards

Razors may seem a slightly odd product test for a beard magazine to be undertaking. It is true that shaving, when used sparingly, can be a beardsmith’s friend in shaping his particular style. Unfortunately for this test, and for me, I rock a full beard.

Gillette Fusion Razor

It seems the ‘Blade Race’ found during the last decade has reached a plateau. Gillette has managed to add a fifth and final blade on the top of their latest razor. I avoided this side and went straight in with the four bladed side. Immediately the problems I had anticipated raised their shiny heads. The razor was taking hair off my face and making my beard smaller. Having inspected the damage to my beard I disposed of the razor.


Wilkinson Sword Titanium

This puny weapon has a mere four blades but makes up for its lack of appendage with a hypnotic shininess. I entered this test with slightly more trepidation after the ‘Gillette Fusion’ episode. Once again the same problems appeared. The Razor’s ability to keep hair on my face while stroking my chin is virtually nill.


SES Creative Toy Razor

I’m not sure who the target market for this is, but you can buy fake toy razors. The product, which contains foam and razor, clearly shows a young child having a lovely time. After a matter of strokes I quickly understood the child’s joy. This razor suffered from none of the problems noted above: a smooth glide, foam provided and 0% hair loss. SES is he clear winner.


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