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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Beard News

There's been quite a bit of beard related chatter on US news sites recently. Firstly Rana Cash, who seems like a cool kid, brought to our attention 'Man of the year.' This is a competition hosted by Wahl Trimmers, who are out to find the best beards in the states and rightly reward the bodies attached to them with prizes. At the moment they are in Atlanta but check Wahl's Site to find out where they are heading next.

Secondly Dennis Miller has one the longest beard at Ben-Fest reports Public opinion online. The celebration, which is a tribute to Benjamin Franklin, is hosted Franklin county and features 6 contests. Check out Dennis below.

Thirdly we're not the type of gang to criticise but the hell is wrong with the people at Kickette.com? The blog covers football from a female perspective it would seem, but has just posted the most limp wristed attempt at psychological analysis possible. The post regards Iker Casillas: I have no idea who this is except he seems to have a killer beard. This is a problem for Kickette.

"Just what in the hell causes a man to just let nature’s follicles take their course and to grow unfettered, without shaving foam nor cream?"

Luckily for us Kickette has more than one answer.

Mental anguish over their career/club/life? Being too damn attractive and needing to take a hot-break?

So problem solved. Sometimes it's tough to understand something that isn't a football.



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