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Monday, 18 May 2009

Beard Break

Beach break have been hyping up some of the beardsmith's summer events.

"The Beard Tent @ Beachbreak.

An intimate little treat of a venue for you but be wary, moustaches of the biggest, bushiest, smallest and sleekest variety are required to gain entrance into this joint. Real and fake beard gentrification accepted. Fear not if you hail from the land of Teet, we have our very own fully qualified Master Beardsmith on hand to add a few curls to your chevvy chaces. From swing to rock and roll, jazz to jive, come and find out how grandpa and grandma got hitched all those years ago. This is the land of decadence my dears, so cigarette holders on the ready, pinkies out and let the good ol days roll on! Oh and Betsy, chips and dips….."

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