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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The Modern Beardsmith’s Facebook page has had a revamp today. One of its new features is a ‘message tag.’ You, and others, can let your friends know how you feel about their lack of facial hair by tagging them in one of the below images. There is an explicit version, and a censored version for kids.
Trawling through the massive amounts of photos from this summer has left me reminiscing about all the fun we’ve had with the Beard Parlour. It’s been as good/even better than last year and we’ve made so many new friends along the way.
You can check these photos on the Flickr stream on the right or on our Facebook page. Please tag a picture if you spot yourself.

It’s not quite over yet, though. We’ve also been invited to do some stuff at Offset Festival. They seem to have taken our blurb from the latest Stereo:Type so it all sounds a bit circus themed. We do have a few different things planned though. After that it’s off to Stereo:Type Circus for the after party!


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